H1B White Slip at New Delhi


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Dear All,

I need your advice please.

I attended VI at Delhi in 1st week of Feb 2013 & Handed over a 221(g) White slip & no additional docs asked. They retained my passport & a copy of I-797.Officer did not say your visa is approved. Because, I was not much confident at the time of interview over all I can say that Officer was not happy after taking my Interview. I am working in a IT company & providing IT services to TOP most Pharmaceutical Company of USA.

Since the VI's date, my case was not updated on ceac site till 25 Aug 2013. Suddenly, there were 3 updates on my case (26th, 27th & then 29th Aug 2013 (28th Aug was a holiday there)).After, last update there is no change in my case. I was very happy that I will get clear soon but it did not happen. Generally, after 2-3 updates people are getting their Visa but my case is still pending yet. Based on your experience what would you say on that whether it is a good sign or bad? OR what they actually did on these dates?? I have heard that sometime consulate put case in admin check again without giving any new template.

Please help me to understand this & what can I do now. I am very frustrated & lost my all hope.

Admin your advice will be appreciated!!

Thanks in Advance!!

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They are doing the background check on you because they haven't asked you any documents. You need to wait for the consulate to contact and time frame can be from 2 weeks to few months also. Sorry about your situation...


Thanks a lot Kumar_y for your quick response.what kind of background verification they are doing? Will they go for employment verification?One of my previous company has been shut down.So, it would impact my verification???

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I am in same boat. I went for stamping at Mumbai at last week of June . They gave me 221g white slip. I had all documents with me during visa interview. but they said to submit at drop box. I had submittted all document. I received a email from consulat stating to submitt passport for final process along with pending letter and cover envelop.  But as of now , my CEAC number has not updated online.


I am confused whether i can submit the passport or not .


Any one got same email form mumbai consulate ? what would be their next step ?

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