H1b Ammendment RFE: Help


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Hi ALL, 


I have a question on this H1b Ammendment:


I have a valid H1 visa until 2015, recently i got into a new project (1 month back), and applied for ammendment in PP. After 10 days i got an RFE, and the RFE is related to employer employee relation. I checked many forums and came to know that i need to submit client letters, vendor letters, all client information (like mails, client location pics, badge, etc etc)..


I am on EVVC model and had my vendors letters too..my question here is when the vendor submits a letter, they provided the vendor letter as i am their employee (thats how in all cases). So in responsing to my RFE, with all these letters (mentioned as their employee), will it be any problem when i submit these 2 vendor letters ??


P.S: My Lawyer says we cannot submit the vendors letters in which i am mentioned as their employee (vendor company's employee) since my current employer is different


Also please do let me know all the list of documents for this RFE ( Employer - Employee relation)


Please give me your suggestions,

Appreciate your help folks





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