Priority Date is current but no update on Case


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My PD is current for this September 2013, My PD is 11-Jan-2008 in EB2 category at Nebraska. Today is 26th There is no movement or update on my case at all.


I called USCIS, but they say it is under review. I am not sure what to do on that.


I am not sure what are the options, when I see others whose dates a lot later than mine are approved already in EB2 category. I spoke to my attorney, but he says, we have to wait and see, still there are 4 days left.


Is that true?






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My application for 485 reached to USCIS on October 18th, so far I didn't receive receipt. Any one have idea how long it will take?


Patience, relax. Receipts normally take 2-3 weeks, so you should be getting them soon. My and my family's I-485s, I-765s, and I-131s were filed on October 15, and we received all* our receipts in the mail on October 24. (*I did not receive my I-485 receipt, but I think it was mailed to my employer's lawyer. I am not worried, and will confirm that this week.)

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