EB2 Eligibility Options


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I need your suggestion on my issue.

I am working for an American company since 7 years as a full time employee and my priority date is 2008 Feb under EB3

Now I am planning to port for EB2 with my MBA which I am going to complete very soon. Below are my options please advise.

  1. If I move to a company which is a division of my current company. Will I get the experience and MBA counted for EB2.
  2. If I move out of this company and come back as contractor with different employer.


Than you in advance,


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thank you for the reply joeF,


i know that  " the job requirements determine the category " 


But  my question is right now I am working with Company A, once I move out and file under EB2 with company B  can I work with company A as a contractor, this time my H1 holder will be company B .

will this cause any problem with my  GC process? 



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