How Many Receipt Notices will I get for 1-539 Extension of H4 Status for my Wife and Kid


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Hi All,

I Just want to check on a H4 Application (i-539) submitted to USCIS for my wife H4 Extension along with my H1, which was filed by my employer. I got my H1 Approval and the notice from my employer but didnt get the H4 Receipt Notices or the Approval Notices. When I check with my employer who also filed our H4 Application along with my H1, informed that they had a typo in the address section in the I-539 Application submitted to USCIS.


However my employer found the receipt number from the cheque encashed by USCIS for the I-539 and gave to me to call USCIS and update the address. I called the USCIS and updated the address and they informed me that I will get the notice for the receipt number I had provided for the I-539 Application within 15-30 days time.


The question I have is, will USCIS send the Receipt Notices for my WIFE who is the primary applicant on I-539 application and also for my kid included in the I-539 Form. Or will they send only one receipt for both. I asked the same question to the USCIS representative on the phone but the representative stated that he doesnt have the details and I should wait till the notices are received.


I'm a worried person now since I'm not sure whether I will get the notice for my kid or not. The current H4 is already expired on Sept 1 2013. We filed the extension on Aug 12 2013.


Any information in this regards is highly appreciated and would be very thankful.





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