Successfull Visa Stamping At Ottawa on 23SEP2013


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Dear All, 


I wanted to share my interview experience at Ottowa Canada consulate. 


My Interview was at 10:30 A.M on 23SEP2013


I went to interview at 10.00 am


after the security check i went inside and the guy at the counter took my passport , i-797, and DS-160

Later i was called for ten print which is finger printing of all fingers then i waited almost 2 hours for my number to be called for the actual interview


Actual Interview


Vo: good morning

Me : good morning officer

Vo: Where did u do you masters

Me: XXxx

Vo: Do you like the city where you did your masters

Me: i said it was small town with good people and less number ,away from city life which is actually good for studying. 

VO: which company are you working for 


VO: Do you like the work environment

Me: Absolutely , i love working there

VO: Can you tell me your day to day activities at work

Me: I told how my day goes at work actually about my work responsibilities and  he said iam convinced. 

Vo: he was then silent for about 15 secs looking at his computer and then golden words " Visa approved " u can pick up you passport within 3-4 business days. 


Today i got an update saying that my passport is ready for pickup. 


This is my first H1B visa stamping and iam a full time employee. 








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