Successful Visa Stamping Vancouver @ 24th Sep


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Hi Friends, 


First of all Thanks to Murthy Forums, My Family and Friends Who gave me confidence and support. 


Here is my experience....:-)


My Interview Time: 10:30 AM


Entered in around 10:15. Waited for 20 Min for Finger Prints, More than Half Hr for entering into 20th Floor. After I am in 20th Floor It hardly took 5-10 Min for my Token number to be called. While I was in 20th Floor I was praying to god that, no way I must not be called by Counter 6 VO. But that was my time Counter 6 Visa officer Called me. 


Me: Good Mng Visa Officer

VO: Good Mng


VO: Is this your first H1

ME: Yes


VO: Did you study in US

Me: Yes 


VO: Which Univ

Me: XXXXX University, XX Place.


VO: In what

Me: Master's in Electrical Engineering


VO: When did you graduate

Me: 2010


VO: What did you do after that

Me: As soon as I finished my Masters I started working as an Intern


VO: Whom do you work for now

Me: I am working for XXX Inc


VO: What is your position

Me: I am working as a Programmer Analyst. 


VO: From when are you working for this company

Me: May 2012


VO: Is this your Client

Me: No, I have a end Client


VO: Which client you work for.

Me: XXXXXX Client


VO: When did you start working for XXXX Client

Me: March 2012


VO: So did you work for other employer then

Me: Yes, I do. 


VO: Can I have your LCA, PayStubs, Offer Letter and Driver's Licence

Me: I gave all the docs.


Me: I am thinking now I will be in trouble, Since my licence is from different state from where I was currently. 


VO: Was tying something in system from so long time, checking my docs and all. Finally checked my Licence and asked how come you have a different state licence and asked did you work there

Me: No ( Since I never worked there I said no) 


VO: Then how did you get that state licence

Me: I told him that I frequently visit my Cousins home, when I visited at that time my licence was expired so I applied and I got that. ( Thing is my base address was my cousins place so I have my address proofs, so I got my licence in that state)


VO: If you visit you won't get Licence of that state. I am asking you again did you work there

Me: No 


VO: Did you stay there.

Me: In my mind If I say no I will be screwed, I said yes, and explained some **** why I was there.


VO: How long did you stay there

Me: 4-6 months


VO: So how come you don't have current state licence

Me: I don't know how to convince VO now since I am staying from 18 Months. So I told him that I have applied for it but Licence office asked me for some additional docs to provide, so I told VO that when I am about to submit I have some personnel issues and lost all my docs due to blah blah blah and gave him one supporting doc.


VO: He was not convinced at all and told that I don't need that doc. 


VO: Do you have utilities on your name

Me: Yes, I started searching my Docs folder


VO: I don't need that

Me: It's my bad as soon as I go back I will change my licence


VO: Can I see your utility bills ( VO asked me for that bills since he is not convinced)

Me: I said I don't have it, but I can show you my Leasing docs. 


VO: Can I have it

Me: Absolutely and gave him that. 


VO: I see that you have lease from July 2013, where did you stay previously

Me: I told him my previous address. 


VO: Was typing something in the system for more than 2 min.

Me: I am thinking that he might give me a 221g for some verification's, thought I will be screwed bcoz of this licence. 


Finally, VO told that he is approving my Visa, i can pick it up in 2-5 business days and gave me a tracking form. 



Me: Thank you officer, Have a great day. 

VO: You too. 



My Intw almost went for 15 Min.



My Personnel advice, please carry your utilities and Lease docs as well, we never know what he will be asking and also make sure your licence is up to date with current state where you stay. Or prepare for that answer if you dint have the current state licence. 









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Thanks for posting this. Mine is same background as you. But I thank myself after reading your post.

Because I made my license recently of my current state after working here for 15 months, which I was postponing from many months.


Thank god you got your visa, otherwise it would have been rejected just for a silly mistake.


You were smart enough to convince him by showing your Leasing docs.  Congrats...

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