Second masters( MBA ) , F1 CPT to H1B


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Hi ,


  I am MS comp engineering grad working on F1 OPT ( stem ) expiring on Oct 15 2013. I graduated in 2011 and worked as a software intern for a couple of major corporations until end of last year. I started working for my present employer which is a tech start up ( cause of all trouble ) starting Jan 2013 and we couldnt file my H1B application this year. ( By the time we got labour approval, quota was already over :( ).


   We consulted a law firm to suggest us ways for me to remain in US and continue working. One of the suggestions was applying for O1 , but after many discussions we figured out I wouldnt make a strong case as i don't have patent/publications etc. Thats when i came across *********** college and the option of enrolling to CPT to continue working. I am a important member of this start up and since we are at our early stage of raising angel investment, I will have to stay in US for the collective good. 



   But Now i am coming across a lot of forums/discussions stating that ***********( eventhough accredited ) is suspicious and it would be a f1 abuse if i enroll and continue working and apply for H1B next year.  I don't mind going back and working remotely if its a violation but that would be my last resort. What should i do? 




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No reputable university / college offers enrollment and CPT at the same time (from the start).  Schools that offer this are visa and diploma mills, and you are right to be suspicious.  Going to such as school is a prescription for problems, up to and including being deported and banned from entry to the U.S. -- would that be good for the startup as an important member.  You are much, much better to work remotely for a year until you can come to the U.S. on a H-1B visa in October 2014.

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