Can I apply for parents when I still have more than 3 years to become citizen

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Dear friends, 



Would you please pass me some information: 


A. My wife got her green card last year and wants to apply for her parents  now - is it possible ? Or she has to be citizen first which will take another 3 and 1/2 years? I recently came to know that things will be changed soon in regard to Family Based Immigration. 




Our goal is to apply for her parents first [if law allows], and then when her parent become immigrants, then they can apply for her [my wife's] siblings. This is probably a long shot - however I wanted to know if this is possible. I think by then family based immigration for siblings will be stopped. 


B. Is there a thread I can read about this recent change in discussion -- 'family based/siblings' ? How close it is to become a law ? 


Thank you. 

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