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My current B1 I 94 is till Oct 14th. I got H1b petition approval and I plan to go to Canada for visa stamping. Considering that I have to leave the country no matter what by Oct 10th, will it be possible to get the


1.) Canadian visa by Oct 1st week if I start the process today (19th Sep)?


2.) Is it suggested to go to Canada for stamping?



Appreciate your time to answer. Thanks much.



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Hi Phani,


  I got my Canada visa in 21days this is 2months back. The current turn around time is 29days CIC website for LA. I guess you will be close or more than the needed time. 


I believe you can go to Jamaica without any visa for Indians upto 180days. Please crosscheck this too. You can also go for H1 stamping there if you are Canada as an option.


Confirm before you think of any plan.

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if it seems to take more time, can you cancel the processing online and get the passport back by physically going to canadian consulate in NY? How easy is it to cancel the canadaian visitor visa processing midway to get the passport back.


My I 94 dates date is 14th Oct 2013 and if I apply on 23rd sep for canadian visa, I fear the passport may be with canada consulate and I will have to leave too... is it a risk to target canada stamping right now given the time available for I 94? this is B1 I 94 btw.


thanks much, -kumar

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