Husbands H1 & COS cancelled but wife's COS to H4 still not cancelled.


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On my request, the company which sponsored by H1B had submitted the cancellation of petition & change of status for both me and my spouse in the same request/letter to USCIS. My case status shows that today (sep 17th) they received the request and my case went back into initial review which means the case has been cancelled but wife's case still shows as "Post decision Activity - Approved'. Most probably, it should also go back to 'Intial review' in few days but I am still worried if USICS missed cancelling my wife's COS. If that is case,


1. How can I reach out to them to action the cancellation request?

2. Would I need to visit CBP office to get the records updated prior to October 1st to avoid auto change of status?

3. Will I have no choice but to exit the country & re-enter to avoid her COS?


Any advise will be highly appreciated




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Hi! Omshiv,


We are on L1A and L2 respectively. H1 and COS was approved. But on september 11th, company which sponsored by H1 submitted a withdrawal request. I see on the case status site for my case, the status in INITIAL REVIEW with comment as "On September 17, 2013, we received your correspondence for your I129, PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER". For my wife's I539, it still says "Post Decision Activity" & that "On April 17, 2013, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I539 APPLICATION TO EXTEND OR CHANGE NONIMMIGRANT STATUS" .


I am hoping that, I won't have to exit and enter the country either due to mine or my wife's COS


Thanks for your help



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