L2 dependent visa validity


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I am working in USA on L1B for my employer XYZ, my visa is valid till Oct 6 2013. I got married very recently, i came back to USA after marriage on Aug 29, 2013 and got I94 valid till Aug 28 2016. My employer said, i no need to file my L1B extension as long as I94 is valid for more than 7 months. My spouse visa appointment is Sep 19, 2013.


The questions i have are,


1. To approve my spouse's L2 visa, will the VO consider my I94 validity as my visa expiring in 2-3 weeks time when my wife appears for interview?

2. If the VO considers my I94 validity and approve it, what will be validity of my spouse L2 visa?


Thanks in advance,


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