90 day unemployment rule? F1/OPT/H1b stamping?


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Hello everyone,


First of all, thanks to everyone who has made efforts to initiate/run/upkeep this website. It's been really helpful in providing immigration related information. 


Now, I have a situation for which I'm not sure what's the best solution. I came into US during the year 2009 and I graduated with a masters by May 2011. Soon after I applied for my first EAD Card (validity dates: 07/21/2011 to 07/12/2012). Started my first job on 08/08/2011 and that was going good until 03/02/2012. Then I waited for some days until I took my second job which had a start date of 06/04/2012. Which means, from 03/03/2012 to 06/03/2012, for a total of 93 days I was unemployed in the US.


Would this be a problem because I remember there was a 90-day unemployment rule after the start date of EAD card. I'm afraid whether this might lead to deportation since I'm planning to go for my first H1b stamping.


Any help/advise would be much appreciated!
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