CANADA Visa Appointment Booking


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Hello Folks,


I had a few questions about booking date in CANADA:-


  1. When we are choosing date for CANADA stamping what purpose should we choose " Persons in Specialty Occupation (H-1B and/or related H4) " or  should we say "Visitor Visa for Business or Pleasure (B-1/B-2)
  2. When do we get to choose the specific date. I select a consulate and it says next appointment available in X days. Is it after this point i.e. after we hit submit that we can choose the date ??
  3. Can we reschedule the appointment after we choose the date to a different date and consulate
  4. Is there any consulate which is preferable in CANADA, i mean Ottawa vs Toronto vs Calgary. I read in forum that some asian guy is rejecting VISAS in Ottawa.

Thanks so much in anticipation!!!



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