RFE for medical records- Should I respond and let Attorney


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I got email from USCIS about GC approval (EB3 Jul 2003)on Monday and the card arrived today. But my spouse got RFE for medical records. Due to medical reasons, she did not take certain vaccinations back in 2007 while applying I485. 


The RFE response seems to be straight forward - get vaccinated and send the completed form/medical records (sealed). I can either send myself or via company attorney at no cost for me. I am leaning towards doing it myself to avoid any potential delays from attorney side. 


So my question to experts is what do you recommend? Any reason I should use the attorney?

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Did you receive the gold sheet along with RFE notice? If yes, you need to include with your response. In some cases, it will go to Attorney.

Yes, I placed the gold sheet on top of the response as they instructed. Status changed to RFE response review. still waiting for further progress

RFE response sent on : 14Sep

Status changed to RFE review :  17Sep

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The RFE is still under review. I guess it may take a while since all numbers for FY2013 has been exhausted. I am not sure what will happen in Oct 2013. Applicant has EAD and AP valid for a year. She also has H4 renewal notice with I94 valid until Year 2016. 


1. Will she be able to renew EAD and AP use even though primary has received GC?


2. Will she be able to renew H4 visa when travelling abroad? we plan to travel this December


3. Will she be able to renew EAD and AP next year (if needed) even though primary has received GC?


4. Any other actions we need to take?

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