Calling all Toronto 221Gs


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i sent an email two days back and this is the reply i got just now, as if i don't know that i received 221g.


"Action on your application for a nonimmigrant visa (NIV) is suspended under section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended, for further administrative review by the Department of State.


We will inform you of the results of this additional administrative review by email as soon as it is completed. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any additional information on the status of your visa application at this time."

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wish they worked faster - any update on your status @kalyan


@Justin - no update ... at this point i have stopped checking the ceac website as it means nothing! its just a useless update if the "status update date" is changed...mine changed twice and its been more than a week from last update...what happened?- nothing... i am not even going to check that website from now onwards.... also from this forum and various other forums it is very obvious that the ceac website shows an update everytime you call/email them ....why do i want to get my hopes high if that update means nothing! just to be more sad later on? duck it... i'm done with that website

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Her visa got issued. So she will pickup either today or tomorrow. Either way, I encourage some of you to visit the consulate either Tuesday or Thursday between 12-2.30 pm with your slip if you have one. They let in during that time slots and u can ask a visa officer directly for updates. Who knows, maybe the case is sitting there waiting for some automated 30 days or 60 days check for them to look at again.

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Her visa got issued. So she will pickup either today or tomorrow. Either way, I encourage some of you to visit the consulate either Tuesday or Thursday between 12-2.30 pm with your slip if you have one. They let in during that time slots and u can ask a visa officer directly for updates. Who knows, maybe the case is sitting there waiting for some automated 30 days or 60 days check for them to look at again.

Is any body planning to visit consulate to check updates ?

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added a couple of new cases .... one from yesterday and a guy had his interview on Sept 4th



Profile ID  City               221G Color                      Interview date              Case Completion date                     Passport with VO/Candidate       Wait time

amirferoz                Toronto   Yellow     3/18/2013               10/1/2013               Candidate                197

josephsn  Toronto   Yellow     4/8/2013 5/3/2013 Candidate                25

saladin2012            Toronto   Yellow     5/1/2013 9/4/2013 Candidate                126

prithvik    Toronto   Yellow     6/17/2013               8/21/2013               Candidate                65

Earnest    Toronto   Green      7/29/2013               9/14/2013               Candidate                47

univer959595          Toronto   Yellow     8/8/2013 9/18/2013               Candidate                41

Senthil     Toronto   Yellow     9/4/2013 case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

Donskee  Toronto   White      9/9/2013 case open                VO           #VALUE!

kalyan_chakri31      Toronto   Yellow     9/11/2013               case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

Raghu      Toronto   Green      9/23/2013               10/23/2013             Candidate                30

Ramesh   Toronto   Green      9/23/2013               case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

maverick.dexter      Toronto   Green      9/24/2013               case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

justin9     Toronto   Yellow     9/25/2013               case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

Visa member          Toronto   Yellow     9/25/2013               9/27/2013               VO           2

chavvavijay              Toronto   Green      9/30/2013               case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

NIVApplicant           Toronto                   9/30/2013               case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

kiran335  Toronto   Yellow     10/2/2013               10/3/2013               Candidate                16

cukegene Toronto   Yellow     10/2/2013               case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

smuppala02            Toronto   Green      10/7/2013               case open                Candidate               

ravi6775  Toronto   Yellow     10/8/2013               case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

bi2013     Toronto   Green      10/9/2013               case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

Sneha12  Toronto   Green      10/15/2013             case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

Shrav1 (also t2v)     Toronto   Yellow     10/15/2013             10/24/2013             VO           9

heuristix  Toronto   Blue         10/24/2013             case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

Manoj      Toronto   Green      10/28/2013             case open                Candidate                #VALUE!

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My Interview date - Oct 28th .


I was interviewed by the  Afro-American VO @Toronto.


I  got 221g Green, asking me to submit more documents by email regarding my exact nature of study, my CV , list of publications etc.


I did my Masters in CS from US university and after my graduation was working  on OPT.My H1B has started from  October 1st,2013.



@Sneha12 and @heuristix- Did you guys heard anything back from them?


Please keep us posted on your status.



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Profile ID  City               221G Color                      Interview date              Case Completion date                     Passport with VO/Candidate       Wait time

amirferoz            Toronto                Yellow   3/18/2013            10/1/2013            Candidate           197

josephsn             Toronto                Yellow   4/8/2013              5/3/2013              Candidate           25

saladin2012         Toronto                Yellow   5/1/2013              9/4/2013              Candidate           126

prithvik                 Toronto                Yellow   6/17/2013            8/21/2013            Candidate           65

Earnest                 Toronto                Green   7/29/2013            9/14/2013            Candidate           47

univer959595     Toronto                Yellow   8/8/2013              9/18/2013            Candidate           41

Senthil                  Toronto                Yellow   9/4/2013              case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

Donskee              Toronto                White    9/9/2013              case open           VO                          #VALUE!

kalyan_chakri31Toronto               Yellow   9/11/2013            case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

Vivek                     Toronto                Yellow   9/19/2013            case open           Candidate          

Raghu                   Toronto                Green   9/23/2013            10/23/2013         Candidate           30

Ramesh                 Toronto                Green   9/23/2013            case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

maverick.dexterToronto              Green   9/24/2013            case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

justin9                  Toronto                Yellow   9/25/2013            case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

Visa member     Toronto                Yellow   9/25/2013            9/27/2013            VO                          2

chavvavijay         Toronto                Green   9/30/2013            case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

NIVApplicant     Toronto                                9/30/2013            case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

kiran335               Toronto                Yellow   10/2/2013            10/3/2013            Candidate           16

cukegene            Toronto                Yellow   10/2/2013            case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

smuppala02        Toronto                Green   10/7/2013            case open           Candidate          

ravi6775               Toronto                Yellow   10/8/2013            case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

bi2013                   Toronto                Green   10/9/2013            case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

Sneha12               Toronto                Green   10/15/2013         case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

Shrav1 (also t2v)Toronto              Yellow   10/15/2013         10/24/2013         VO                          9

heuristix              Toronto                Blue       10/24/2013         case open           Candidate           #VALUE!

manoh1b             Toronto                Green   10/28/2013         case open           Candidate           

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No updates yet. I guess my color is Green as well, since they asked for the same documents as Sneha and Manoj (Resume/CV/Research etc)


okay..i have added you in the list now...also i have another candidate who posted a new thread today...the TOTAL COUNT SO FAR IS 19.

19 people are struck waiting for update/clearance as of today....this is just from murthy and one other forum...we dont know how many more are out there....this is ridiculous and very sad! 


Profile ID City 221G Color Interview date Case Completion date Passport with VO/Candidate Wait time amirferoz Toronto Yellow 3/18/2013 10/1/2013 Candidate 197 josephsn Toronto Yellow 4/8/2013 5/3/2013 Candidate 25 saladin2012 Toronto Yellow 5/1/2013 9/4/2013 Candidate 126 prithvik  Toronto Yellow 6/17/2013 8/21/2013 Candidate 65 Earnest Toronto Green 7/29/2013 9/14/2013 Candidate 47 univer959595 Toronto Yellow 8/8/2013 9/18/2013 Candidate 41 Senthil Toronto Yellow 9/4/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! Donskee Toronto White 9/9/2013 case open VO #VALUE! kalyan_chakri31 Toronto Yellow 9/11/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! Vivek Toronto Yellow 9/19/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! Raghu Toronto Green 9/23/2013 10/23/2013 Candidate 30 Ramesh Toronto Green 9/23/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! maverick.dexter Toronto Green 9/24/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! justin9 Toronto Yellow 9/25/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! Visa member Toronto Yellow 9/25/2013 9/27/2013 VO 2 f1studentOPT Toronto Yellow 9/25/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! chavvavijay Toronto Green 9/30/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! NIVApplicant Toronto   9/30/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! kiran335 Toronto Yellow 10/2/2013 10/3/2013 Candidate 16 cukegene Toronto Yellow 10/2/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! smuppala02 Toronto Green 10/7/2013 case open Candidate   ravi6775 Toronto Yellow 10/8/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! bi2013 Toronto Green 10/9/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! Sneha12 Toronto Green 10/15/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! Shrav1 (also t2v) Toronto Yellow 10/15/2013 10/24/2013 VO 9 uppuluriv Toronto   10/21/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! heuristix Toronto Blue 10/24/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE! manoh1b Toronto Green 10/28/2013 case open Candidate #VALUE!
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I have a question regarding the visa stamping. If we get 221g and get stuck in Canada, and we lose our job in the meantime in EVC model, is there still chance of getting our case cleared and visa approved? Since my project is ending in Jan and if I go to the visa stamping in dec, is it advisable to take the risk?

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Hi Kalyan,

This morning I had H1B visa interview @ Toronto and I received a 221G (Green + Yellow) on my Education. VO needs more  "details concerning the exact nature of my field of study/research, CV, List of publications & source of funding". What surprises me is I did my bachelors and masters in computer science and working in IT and i still received this !! What is your education stream ?? VO(chinees young lady) didnt even ask me a single document at the time of interview!!
May I know what did you submit for this 221G ??? And how long it took for them to send an email asking for your passport ??? I am just wondering if i should travel back to india or stay back in toonto !???
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