H1B transfer from Cap to CapExempt again back to Cap(Profit Co.)


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Hi, I entered US on May 2010 on Cap H1B which was approved in 2007 for my first profit company. In 2012 June, I transferred my H1B to a NonProfit company(CapExempt) from Cap-Subject H1. Can I transfer my current H1(capExempt) back to Cap-Subject H1(Profit company). I was told that Cap to CapExempt to Cap is possible if the H1 is counted against Cap once in 6 years. Please let me know whether this 6 year starts from Visa approval Date or First Date of Entry to US with H1B. Can I transfer H1 visa to a profit(Cap Subject) from current CapExempt in 2014? Kindly advice me.. Thanks in advance.

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