Visa approved@ Vancouver 10th sept


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Hello folks,

Just to share my experience about the interview.

My background: I have done my MBA in HR and working as a Market Research Analyst. I have my part time H1b and work for 20 hours a week.


My interview was scheduled for 9 30 am and I reached then consulate at around 8 50 am.

They made us stand in line and checked our documents and allowed us inside at 9 15.

Went through the security check followed by finger prints and then we have to wait for out number.

My number was called around 10 45 and was taken to the 20th floor.

My number was called at window 3. A female interviewer.

VO: good morning.

Myself: responded the same and gave her the passport and DS 160

VO: what do you do you do for your company.

Myself: explained her the role

VO: any layer

Myself: no

VO: where did you do your masters

Myself: told her

VO: your visa is approved! Collect your documents in 3 days

Myself: thank you

I was not even asked a single document and neither did she even see my LCA or asked me my salary.

Now I am here waiting for my passport. Hence getting h1b approved for part time is not tough at all. It's easy.


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