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Hi All,


i worked in this order Client A, Client B, Client C, Client D.


I am currently working on OPT -EXT for Company A and client D.


My H1-B got filled through Company B and client C.


My H1-B is going to start in this OCT 1st 2013.


So do i need to apply for amendment before going for stamping in Canada ?


If yes how long it will take.


Please let me know if you have any ideas.


Thanks in Advance.

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As long as you are working for employer B no need to Amend even you change clients.

Please check before you provide false and contracdicting statements. When there is a material change in the employment, amendment is requried. In this case, H1 application was filed when working for Client D, currently the client is Client C. There is a material change in employment hence amendment is required.


I would wait for others to comment on this.

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