H4 to F1 COS Vs Canada visa stamping


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I am in US on H4 and started pursuing my MS here this Fall 2013. Classes started two weeks back.

I would like to change my status to F1 and am exploring option of getting visa stamping done from Canada.


Few of my friends did it and I read that lot of people are utilizing this opportunity. I have few questions that i couldn't find answers anywhere:


1. Is there an advantage if I first get a COS first and then go for stamping?

- Vs -

going to Canada with just all the documents and I20 from college without an approved COS?


I might have to go to India on December for my brother's marriage and might get stuck if my COS application is not approved by then. So would like to go with the latter if possible.


2. Do i have to prove that I will go back to india after my studies?


3. If I have to prove that I am going back to India after the studies, would I have to show any properties or assets in my name? My husband's visa expires in Aug 2014. So is it a valid argument to say that my husband will go back to India by Aug next year and after the studies, I will also join him in India?


4. what else can i show to prove that I will be going back to India?



Thanks a lot in advance for replying..

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