DS 160 question for H1B Stamping


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Hi, I live in US and filling DS160 form to go for stamping in Canada, there is a questions in DS160 that says ** Preious US Travel History** where you have to put the length of your past five stay, my question is if I am already in US what should I say the length of stay from my last Arrival? Since I am still waiting to get the interview date I am not sure what date I will be departing US for Canada. Any suggestions?

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Let me clarify my thoughts again...lets suppose if I came back to US in 2012 from India and I am still here....so what should I say the length of my current stay? as I am currently here only and not sure when I will be leaving for Canada (depending on appointment availability).

First decide when you want to leave to Canada and start looking for appointment dates. Decide a date. It does not have to be an accurate date.

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You can always leave that section of the DS form blank and once you have decide/selected a date, then come back to the form and fill it out giving you an appropriate time frame.


I hope you know that you can keep making changes to the DS form untill you have finalized all your answers and once a change is made to the form, it stays in database for the next 30 days. If you dont make any changes in 30 days and do not save your form locally(PC), you will lose that form and have to start all over again with a new form.  

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@Goluram : You need not fill the whole  DS160 form and submit it in order to see the appointment date. You can partially fill the form untill the page where your confirmation number is displayed. You can save the form at that point without going further, use the confirmation number to make an appointment and can always come back to the form and fill the remaining portion of application .

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