Sucessfull Stamping - Vancover Sep 9th


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Thank You to Muthy Forum which helped me very much



Today i had my interview scheduled at 10.00am. I am by the counsilate at 9.30am.



Background : Masters in computer science, First H1 Stamping, Full-Time



There is how interview went today. The visa officer is a lady



ME :  Good Morning ! How is your day


VO : Good. Can i have your passport, 1797, DS160 conformation page.


ME: Handed three documents at once


VO : Do you work full time or have some one in between


ME : I work full-time for *********


VO : Good, {looking at my F1 visa} Where have you done your masters and whats your major


ME : I have done my masters in ********** and my major is *************


VO : Your visa is approved and you may receive it in the next 2-3 days {handed over white paper and had my passport and 1-797}


ME : Thank You



I am very nervous as this is my first H1 interview. Every one who have their interview scheduled be positive have all documents ready and a smile on your face while interview.





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