H4 stamping in canada for green card purposes


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So here is my case,

I have a H1B and an EAD card (for employment purposes, i use the H1B). My Fiancee is in dubai and is visiting end of this month on a visitors visa. My priority date is Apr 2007 (the current priority date as per today's bulletin is mar 2007). I would like to make sure that i can add my fiancee's name into the I-485 application in time for her to get the green card when i get mine.

To be safe, we probably have to get married before the next bulletin kicks in (is this a correct assumption ?).

My options are as below, i would appreciate it if anyone could throw some light on what can and cannot be done of these.

A) Get a court marriage when she visits (in a couple of weeks) in the US. However she is visiting with a visitor's visa and i heard if we go down this route, this could be claimed as a mis-representation at the port of entry and could create problems during I485 processing.

B) Get married in Canada with a court marriage, get an H4 in canada and then return to the US (if required) to apply for the 485 on her behalf.

C) Go down all the way to india (she holds an indian passport) get married there with a court marriage, get an H4 and bring her back with me to apply for the 485.

I would like to avoid this since i would need to fly down in a month again for the actual wedding and this causes a lot of havoc in terms of traveling.

Would option (A) or (B) work ? Are there any other options i can pursue.

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