Need F2 visa renewal


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Hello all,


My wife is on F2 visa and currently she is in usa.My F1 visa stamped in passport was already expired in aug-13 and as same her F2 visa also expired.i have my opt stem extension valid till Dec'14.My wife wants to go india for some reason but she want to join me again in jan'14 but her F2 visa stamped in her passport already expired in aug'13


can we apply for F2 Renewal?is it possible through Drop Box or any other way?


Thanks in advance





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I am in the exact same situation too, except that my wife has already left for India. My F1 visa, and her F2 visa expired in Aug 6, and she left for India on Aug 12. I am trying to get her visa extended, and had hence talked to the Stanley center, and they said that I can use the dropbox to try to get her visa extended. My university also said the same, that I can try to extend the visa. However, there is no guarantee that it will be renewed.

If there is someone else who had a similar experience and got their F2 visa renewed with an expired F1 visa, please share.

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