L1 to H1 stamping on Canada Vancouver?


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Hi All,


I am on L1 and working in US for last 3 years. I applied for H1 (in cap exempt) COS got approval in April and started working on H1. Now i scheduled for visa stamping in Vancouver in 10 days. Checked with my friends none is aware of any one went for stamping in Vancouver.


My question is


1. Weather L1 candidates can go for H1 stamping in Vancouver(Canada) ? (First H1 stamping)

2. Do i need to carry any extra documents in case if i can go for stamping in Canda?

3. Any specific/extra questions VO might ask in case of L1 to H1 stamping in Canada?



Please answer the above questions, its very urgent as i have stamping in next week.


Thanks in advance,


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