H1b Stamping for first time in Canada or Home Country ?


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Hi all,


I am an Indian Citizen. My H1b started in Oct 2012 and ever since I haven't got any stamping on my passport. Is it possible I can go to Canada for getting the stamping done for the first time or should I be getting it ONLY in my home country, India ?


Please reply.




If you have done your education in US you could go to Canada. Even otherwise I have heard people going to Canada. It depends.

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1) First confirm from the specific consulate/embassy that they offer stamping services for folks who are not citizens/permanent residents of that country.


2) If they do, then stamping in that city or India all depends on you. Typically, people are advised to return to their home country for stamping. The theory is that consulate officers in your home country are better able to understand/interpret your degrees (assuming your H1B was filed on the basis of a degree that was obtained outside of the US). But it doesn't mean you can't still 'try your luck'. I did my stamping in Vancouver a few years ago. I have a graduate degree from a US University but my H1B was filed on the basis of my undergraduate degree which was obtained outside the US (my company offered me a job and filed for my H1B before I received my graduate degree). I didn't have any problem during my stamping. I'm not Indian but I saw some folks from India who were in the same boat as me and had a successful stamping experience.

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