how can i reschedule my H1B Visa appointment from Jamaica to Canada


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I scheduled an appointment for H1B stamping( 1st H1B) in Jamaica . Now i canceled my appointment in Jamaica and trying to book one in Canada. When i cancelled my appointment in Jamaica, it retained same MRV receipt number(I did not see any option to cancel or redo the payment) with which i am unable to book my appointment in Canada.  Please help.

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US Visa fee is Non-refundable and Non-transferable.  You have to pay the fees again for scheduling appointment in Canada.




I cancelled my Jamaica Date, and i created a new account in Canada site and i still see the same MRV receipt number and when i go in and i tried to schedule a new appointment and i gave my card details, it declined my card and i was charged for 190$


I called the customer support and they gave me a email ID and asked me to mail them.


Is there any other speedy process other any email.


Please let me know if any clue


Thanks in Advance.

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