My H1b stamping experience in Toronto


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First of all thank you to Murthy forum and here is my stamping experience


I am in VC model and I was on H1 for 6 yrs, then F1 on 6 months and again on H1


After fingerprinting and document check up, I was called at a middle aged Chinese guy for interview


Visa officer asked me only 2 questions regarding my H1 and all other questions were on my 6 month F1 status


2 questions regarding my H1:

Who is my employer & my job title

who is my client


Below are the questions regarding my F1:

1. what are the dates on which I was on F1

2. why did I join F1

3. why did I go to school only for 6 months

4. Are you continuing school

5. whats my school name

6. whats my major in school



later he asked me to go and sit. VO called me after 10 min


Vo asked

7. Did I ever had a F1 visa stamped

8. Asked my F1 change of status I797 and transcripts

9. were you working during my F1


he checked a long time for the dates on which I was on h1 and the dates I was on f1. I think VO was trying to confirm that I was not out of status.


I didn't had any hope as it took almost 30 min and the VO didn't ask for any of my documents.


Finally he mentioned my H1 was approved.


I feel, be confident and wish everyone good luck.


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