Successful H1B & H4 Stamping at Vancouver on 5th Sep


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Completed my H1B & my wife's H4 interview successfully on Thursday 5th Sep in Vancouver.


Was asked the usual questions:

1. What's your work location?

2. Do you work for an end client?

3. What's your job role?

4. What's your educational qualification?

5. How long with current employer?


The best part is that the VO did not ask me (or my wife) to show any documents!


Just be sure to take new photos that were never used on any previous visas on your passport! They are pretty serious about this, but, there is a photo booth inside that charges CAD$10.


Question for those who have gone through this before:

My interview was on Thursday, but as of tonight (Friday night), I don't see any status on the website "". It just shows the applicant summary and nothing else, not even the "STATUS" field or "Issued or Admin Processing"! Is this normal? Should I expect this to show on Monday?


Thanks Guys!

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Congrats buddy for your great success on stampting. Can you please tell me how long It take to receive passport & if Visa get approve, can we go & pickup to loomis location or do we need to wait to pickup? & what is the link to check whether passport is ready to pickup or not. Kindly let me know as I've to book flight to India after my Visa interview date on 22nd Nov.

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Once the visa is approved at the consulate, it would typically take 2 more business days for you to pick up the passports at the Loomis office. Passport status will be updated in the same "Applicant Summary" page where we scheduled the interview. If the interview is on Friday, the passport might be ready for pick up on Monday or Tuesday.

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