OPT or CPT or activate old H-1


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Here is the current situation.


  • I was on F1- OPT status on phd when employed.
  • I couldn't finish thesis in  time so change to H-1.
  • Then I change back to F-1  to complete thesis
  • If I want to do job after finishing this long study 
  • Can apply for OPT again  called post completion OPT for remaining    17 months  (month 29 month - 12 months)? 
  • Can apply for CPT again since I used CPT for 9 month previously too
  • Or Can I activate my H-1 and start work as soon as I get I-799 COS F1 to H1  receipt. If it denied then I have to go back and come with visa stamp and resume same job

 Thanks in advance for your consideration and help.

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