Right Time to apply for Employment Based Green Card


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Hello Guys,


I am in US with  my wife and son on H1B for last one year. I have Five years of experience in SAP.


I have filed the esep here now my company has given me offer that they will process my green card under eb3(it should be EB2 or Eb3 whose having the high probabilty of getting accepted) category.


Now i am really confuse that i should accept the offer and continue here till the time i get the green card OR Should i switch to other company and should think about green card once i am into 4th year of H1b


I dont want to go to india at any cost. Please guide.



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In that case, you should then go with your current employer because you are just in your 1st year of H1B...and GC is a long process which includes Filing of Labor which nowadays takes atleast 6+ months to get approved if there are no Audits...then your employer applies for I-140 which you never know how much time it might take...and when your PD gets current you and your family applies for I-485.


EB2 or EB3 would depend on the Job requirement and your Edu Qualifications and Exp. Also your employer can file your GC now and you can surely jump to another company later on.

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Typically, the earlier you can apply for your Green Card, the better off you are. However, you should also consider the job requirements on whose basis the green card will be filed (this will determine if it will be EB2 or EB3) and your country of chargeability. But even with all that, you should also consider the job itself - do you like it or is it something you can endure? People don't talk about this but you don't want to spend years in a job that you hate just because you're waiting for your green card..

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