H4 visa issue - No photo asked -- please help -- **Urgent**


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Recently my wife appeared for H4 visa and she got her visa confirmed at the US consulate in Delhi. Her passport was taken by the consulate for stamping.

I have a question, that during DS160 photo upload, due to errors in uploading photo, the photo was not uploaded. Also, during the visa interview, the photo was not asked to submit?

Is this a problem ? If yes, how can I submit her photo to the consulate.

What are my chances now ... please help.

Cheers !

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Thanks .. so it is just submitting the photograph's again .. Do I just need to send them via courier as my wife lives in Gujarat...

I guess, this will not bring up any visa related issues ...

Any one had similar issue, please post your experience as this will give others relief.

Cheers !

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