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Hi I am a applicant for GC based on Marraige. My wife and myself had the interview at USCIS last day.

The officer said the Petition (that my wife had submitted (I-130) has been approved.

My name now is different from my Birth Certificate. I had changed my name officially in the year 2002 in India. I had submitted the Notarized letter of my Change of Name during the Interview, but he said that is not enough. So he handed over me an RFE saying that I have 30 days to give him the document which gives better explanation of my name change.

He adviced me to change my name here, but all my US documents have my new name on it including my latest GC EAD. I just moved to this new place and I cannot change the name in this county unless I am a resident here for a year. In India I am no longer known with my old name. So I cannot change my name again in India.

What should I submit?? Can I meet him in Person at the USCIS after taking a Interview on the InfoPass website? with some additional documents my parents had send from India?

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