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HI All.,

RFE Info:

  1. Copes if job offers and agreements/contracts with all OPT employers including start and end dates from (OPT start date) to present,
  2. Copies of job descriptions including job title, duties, location, pay rate, and proposed number of hours to be worked per week,
  3. If you worked for an agency or consultancy, you must provide evidence of the projects you worked on,
  4. Copies of your pay vouchers from (OPT start date) to present, and
  5. Notarized statement(s) from your employer(s) attesting to your employment with the firm(s).

My Scenario: 

Opt start date : 07-05-2012.

First Job:        EC Model -Start Date :09-04-2012;End Date :12-31-2012.

Second Job:   EVC Model - Start Date: 01-07-2013 to Present.

I have submitted second job employment info while applying for opt extension in May2013. Now I got the query to submit the proof for first job along with other points mentioned.


Please guide me with what are the document needed for each point.Please provide the necessary letter formats.


I appreciate for any help in this.



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