H1 Stamping and Question related to CBP encounter


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Hi ,

First of all, thanking  the moderators and members of this form for this wonderful platform.
A little background about my situation:
This is my 6th year of H1B. My I-140 has been approved with the current employer and so I got a 3 year extension recently.I have travelled outside US only two times so far and both the times I surrendered my recent I-94 cards at the port.  I had my initial H1 stamping at Chennai in 2008 and all subsequent extensions have been approved while in US. I never overstayed my visa and I never had any encounter with CBP or any other law enforcement agencies.
I have travelled to India recently due to family emergency and attended Chennai consulate for visa interview. Interview went well and consular informed me that my visa has been approved and said that it will arrive in couple of days and handed over this white pamphlet which will be given when the visa is approved however when he was updating something on his system he asked me if I ever overstayed my visa and that if I had any encounter with Custom Boarder Protection (CBP). I didn't understand why he asked that and I said NO. 
He then informed me that he needs to verify the case further and kept my passports and all H1B approved petitions.Currently the case is in Administrative Processing.
Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
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