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Hi I am going for a H1B stamping, I came here on an F1 visa  after finishing my BE  in India. I did my MBA in International Trade here and now I am currently working as a Business Analyst in a Healthcare comany. What would be a an appropriate answer for the question as how is my Masters related to my current job?

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Just Hope the they don't ask you that question. LOL. 


On a serious note, I am in a similar situation did MBA in Finance and working as BA in Higher Education. In my job skills section in DS-160 and everywhere else, while not lying about anything, I will highlight areas of my work as BA that can be related to my MBA. Since my work here is related to Finance in some way e.g. Student Loans and Grants - I will connect that to Finance. Explain my role from a business side than technical side. 


If the question is asked, I will say that the position has allowed me to leverage the managerial and business side skills that I learned during my course. So the business framework remains the same only some changes in domain/subject matter which was easy to get up to speed. 

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe your certificate simply says Masters in Business Administration (my understanding is that MBA certificates don't carry the person's specialization). If that is the case, then you really shouldn't have a problem (I have assumed your worry is linking 'international trade' to health care), you can simply explain how the classes you took in Business Administration help you in your current job of a business analyst. MBA students take classes on strategy, sales/marketing, product analysis, risk analysis, optimization (either to minimize costs or maximize profits/benefits), etc. How do any/all of these come into play in your current job? 

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