Revert/Cancel SEVIS Transfer Possibility


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Hi All,


Need help with my situation, rather unique.

Background: I applied for OPT extension from university A about 7 1/2 months back  and the extension application had RFE issued from USCIS requesting for client letter and paystubs last month. As time was running out for all, I applied to join University B not knowing if the extensoin will be timely approved to continue working.


My SEVIS has been transfered from University A to B and new I- 20 has been issued last week. Didnt register for classes in Univ B. Now today my pending OPT extn from university A got approved.



At this point, is it possible to revert/cancel the SEVIS transfer from University A to B.

If the cancel/revert is successful, can I still use my approved OPT extension.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


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Before the release date, as the DSO from the transfer-out school, you can update SEVIS to reflect changes in the student’s plans. If the student decides not to transfer, cancel the transfer using the Cancel Transfer option on the student information screen. You can also cancel the transfer and re-enter transfer data to change the following:

  • The transfer-in school, if the student decides to go to a different school
  • The transfer release date, if the student decides to accelerate or postpone the transfer

Beginning on the transfer release date, the DSO at the transfer-out school has read only access to the student's SEVIS record. The record will be in Deactivated status. After this point, the transfer-out DSO can no longer make changes and will not be able to see changes made to the record by the transfer-in school. Only the DSO at the transfer-in school can make changes to the record."


Once an I-20 was issued, there isn't any way to cancel that. Your OPT is gone.

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