Out of Status for a while, H1B Stamping in Mexico


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Current Status:

I accepted a full time job in Oct 2008. H1 got approved for 3 years till Oct 2011.

After 7 months in May 15, 2009 I got lay off from this full time job.

They gave 2 months time to transer my H1 and submitted for cancellation after July 15th 2009.

But, got project in Aug 18th and applied for H1 trasfer in Premium processing.

I got a RFE and asked to submit Paystubs for no job period.

As I failed to submit paystatements during that period, my h1 got approved but, I-94 not provided.

So, went mexico and revisit US with new I94. I did not go for stamping as I have a valid stamping at that time.

My current H1 extended till Second week of May 2012.


July 15, 2009 my H1 cancellation submitted and applied for h1 transfer in 18th Aug 2009. Does this consider as out of status?

I heard we need to go for stamping to only to home country in case of out of status. It that applies to me?

I have to go to India in January 2012. Is it safe to go for stamping in India?


Can I go to Mexico for statmping instead of home country (India)?



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