Can H1B 7th Year extension applied with 6th Year extension based on a pending PERM


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I got a pending PERM more than 1 year - PD od July 2012 and in supervised recruitment

My H1B is expiring March 2014 - Completing 5 years in November 2013

My employer says he would apply for 2 Year extension in December 2013 - 1 Year for reaching the 6 Year cap and 1 more Year based on my Pending PERM of more than 1 Year...

is that possible?

I was thinking first he has to apply for 1 Year alone first to reach my 6 Year cap.. and then when the 6th Year nears He has to apply for 7th Year or upto 10th year based on my PERM's status (PERM stil pending or PERM approved + approved I140) at that time.

Please clarify experts

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