Client name in LCA is different than the actual client


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Hi All,


I have Visa stamping date in Vancour on Sept 12.


My question: I was working at in house project when my H1 was applied. So LCA has AAA as client. Later i started working to BBB client through AAA as prime vendor. 


AAA and BBB are located in the same place(county) different buildings.


Do i need to have new LCA mentioning new Client BBB? Can i say BBB as my client , even though it says different in LCA?


Please help how to answer this question?


I also heard if new client is also from same location, now need to change the LCA(LCA amendment) .


Thanks in advance,




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First ,  there is nothing called LCA Amendment .   It is a new LCA



Second ,  a new LCA  and H1 Amendment are  legally required only when your work location moves out of "area of intendent employment"  (basically out of same MSA/commutable distance)  .    As long as you are in same MSA,  the law says  that a copy of the LCA need to be posted in the new location 10 days before you start working there .   Some overzealous attorney want a new LCA even if you move to the next cubicle :)  .    


That said,  there is no harm if your employer get a new LCA and H1 Amendment.  If it is in-house legal team,   there is no cost for new LCA and very minimal for H1 Amendment.

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As per your 2nd point, i am with in 10 miles of my new work location and my previous work location with the same client. I filed LCA when i moved to my new work location. If visa officer asks why your client address in I-129 and latest LCA is different......what would be the best answer?

If i carry my old and new LCA's and client letters does it help to support?


Thanks in Advacne,


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