Received Ordinance violance ticket


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Hi All, 


Last night i went out and had few drinks. Later, while leaving the pub I sat outside the road since i was tired. 


The cops came up to me and said they caught me on public intoxication and fined me 100$ then informed me to pay  it in local city hall. The form i received is  ordinance violation for the city  i am presently living in. 


I just kept the ticket and came home silently without arguing anything.  They asked my details and wrote them in the form and i showed my driving license card. will it appear under my driving record ? that is my learner's permit.


I am presently in Illinois. I am bit worried if this appears in my record and cause problems for visa extension ?


I am presently on H1B visa recently came to US around 6 months back.  How would this impact on my career, background check and other things ?   Is there any way to get rid of this ?  Will it appear in any records after paying the fine ? 








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