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I have applied for H1b in 2013 & was selected in lottery. But till date it's in "Initial review" for 5 months now. Have reached out to my attorney & they have requested for status. But its more than 20 days still no update from USCIS. Is it possible it's rejected? All others applied along with me have already got it approved or atleast RFE.

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I'm also in the same boat. In which center is your case being processed?


Mine is EACXXXXXXXXX (Vermont).

Last updated in Apr '13.


According to USCIS, the Vermont center is at 10th Apr but, it was last updated on 30th Jun. I'm not sure what to make of it either.


Any advice would be helpful.

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Hi, I submitted my H1B petition and USCIS received my file on 04/08/2013. It is in the CA processing center. Since the time I got my notice of I-797C, which was notice of receipt of my file, the case status on the USCIS website shows initial review and it hasn't changed to anything further. No RFE, no acceptance or no rejection in almost 5 months. I am seriously concerned now. In my case my project might end in September 2013 and I was positive that my file would reach some decision point by this time but if it is still pending by end of September and my project is ended, does anybody know what might happen to the case that's pending? I am also hearing few voices that say if it says initial review up to this point then there are high chances of getting an approval - is this a credible info? Also I heard that H1B start date normally begins from 1st October of each year. That being said, is USCIS force to take some decision (approval or rejection) since they are so close to the H1B auth. start date or can the processing time go beyond 1st October? I have so many questions :-( please reply if anybody has any information regarding any of these questions.

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The USCIS just released processing times as of July 31.  The Vermont Service Center (VSC) processing timeframe for H-1B visas issued abroad and H-1B visa extensions is horribly backlogged, with no, zero, 0 movement since the June 30 processing time dates.  Further, my employer's immigration attorney recently advised me that the VSC processing timeframe dates even regressed over the summer.  If your petition was filed with the VSC before April 10, then you can file an e-Request for your case, otherwise nothing can be done but wait.  (The current 5-6 month processing time does not mean your case has been rejected, denied, etc., just pending caught in the backlog.)

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