H1-B Stamping Experience in Chennai


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My wife & I attended visa stamping in Chennai. Both of us are FTE, have I-140 approved and this was our second extension/third H1 stamping. We were asked to take the interviews separately, but were asked similar questions, some of them were

1) How long have you been with the company?

2) Has the employer filed for your greencard? we both answered yes

3) Which university did u attend and what was your specialization? We both came to US on F1 & converted to H1. But they did not ask to see the degree.

4) For my wife, they asked for the entire petition application; For me, the VO asked to see only the approved I-797.

5) Whether we work internally for the company or for a client? Since neither of us did, no further questions on this.


Overall, a smooth experience, barring the chennai heat & humidity. If you are a FTE and have your documents in order, nothing to worry about.


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