Staying after visitor visa date expired in Canada


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I have H1 b visa stamping on sep25 @ Toronto,Canada with my spouse on h4 .My visa will expire on 10th oct....What will be the case if I hv to overstay ?can I extend the visitor visa from Canada..pls help me

As long as you enter canada before expiration of your visa you are good to go..the legnth of time you are allowed to stay in canada depends on how many days/weeks the immigration of canada will give you during port of entry.

this is just my opinion but check with lawyers for sure answer.

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Mr. Noorul Iqbal...


You can apply to CIC for TRV visa extension. (TRV- Temporary Resident Visa).


By rules, You should apply before 30 days of your visa expiration.


There are 2 ways to apply.  Online and paper filing.


When you were entering into Canada, if immigration officer has issued a letter, it contains a Client Id nbr, with that nbr your can create an online account on CIC.GC.CA and you can process your visa extension application.


If you have not received any document when entering into Canada, you need to download required forms and apply by postal mail.


Now that your wife is with you, you need to apply for her extension too.  You can do it simultaneously.


Good luck.

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I would suggest you to apply for multiple entry visitors visa before you go for stamping.God forbis incase if you have to wait for longer period than normal you can travel to your home country and come back ..good luck.


fyi..last year i was there in vancouver to get visa and it took me 3 months to get the stamping (221g admin processing,visa had clearence recieved)...i went to india and came back once i got the email to submit the be on safer side its better to have multiple entry visa...

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