Anyone Willing to share accommodation In Calgary from Sep 22- Sep 25


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I am travelling to Calgary on Sep 22, 2013 for my stamping interview. I am intrested in sharing accommodation there if anyone intrested. I am planning to leave on Sep 25 from there.

Please do let me know. You can get my email address in my profile.


Hi Prasad,


I have stamping Interview  on Sep 26,2013 at Calgary. I am planning to stay from 25 th to 30 th Sep. I am also looking accommodation. Please let me know where exactly you are planning to stay.

How are far from US Embassy ?

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Hi Ram,


I have interview on sep 25th. I am planning to stay from sep 24th to the weekend. will you join me If take a motel. Let me know




Hi Sanjay,

I am ready to stay in motel if you are interest to share with me. Kindly send me details at below id.

Rama dot ganni at yahoo dot com

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