successful visa interview at calgary - aug 29th


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First of all I would like to thank people in this forum for sharing their experiences. I had my interview today in Calgary and I was told that it is approved and I can expect it in the next 3 to 5 business days.


I reached 20 mins before time. The 4 key documents are 1) passport 2) DS 160 3) h1b approval notice (I176A or whatever) 4) proof of canadian status (in my case it was the canadian tourist visa stamp on my passport). If you dont have these, you will get sent back at the entrance itself.


Apart from that, you go through mutiple security checks and in the 10th floor they first take your finger-prints etc. Then I waited approximately 90 mins before i was called for the interview.


VO and I shared normal greetings


VO : Have you been with more than one company

Me : No, this is the only company I have been with.


VO then joked saying the company I work for is famous. I joked saying yes, they have xxxxxx employees


VO : What do you in xxx

Me : (I dumbed it down as much as possible. I started with what my company does at our site and what I do in it.) 


VO : What is your day to day role

Me : (I further dumbed things down and she seemed happy)


VO : What is your highest degree

Me: Phd in xxx


VO : What was your thesis

Me : (simple explanation)


VO : Oh, I will remember that when I do Christmas shopping

I think from that point on, it was just a casual conversation and she said it has been approved. It ended with her telling me that I should move to sales :D


Key things:

1) It was simple for me as I had worked only with one company. And the same company petitioned for my H1B. Also my degree and the field match perfectly. It clearly seemed like they were looking for differences.

2) I was nervous for the 90 mins before the interview. But I made casual conversations with others and that helped me be more spontaneous.

3) I was asked no other documents.



Thanks guys

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