Stem Extension OPT details : H1 B in RFE


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While applying for a stem extension with USCIS, having only the e-verify number from the company is enough or do we need to submit hard copy of e-verify receit or any other company related e-verify documents along with our application?

My company is not e-verified but lawyer says it would not take more than 2 days for the company to be e-verified. Is it true ? Also after becoming e-verified does the company get e-verify status and number immediately or does it take time ? As in if company becomes e-verified today then can I submit my stem extension documents immediately (lets say the very next day) with company e-verification details or does it involve a time gap before I can apply for stem extension ?

Please advise as my OPT end date is closer and company is yet to become e-verified so that i can apply for e-verification.

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