H4 visa Administrative processing, retained passport


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In Hyderabad consulate appeared for H4 visa but they kept passport and informed with the case number that you have to wait for administrative processing.

Do they keep passports usually for the administrative processing? and what are the possibilities to get visa stamped?

Help will be apprciated.

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I am in the same situation but at different consulate.

Today I and my wife went for H1 and H4 visa stamping at the New Delhi Consulate.

The officer took our passport and all H1B related documents and gave me a 221g Green slip. No check boxes are checked which means that they do not need more documents from me. But he has mentioned in the others section "We are processing your case".

What does this mean? Our passports are with the consulate..does this mean the visa can still be rejected? How long will it take to get our passports back? Can it be an indefinite wait?

Please help urgently.


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My wife's case is below..

Interview date: 20 Dec, 2010

Result: 221g Pink slip - No docs requested - Passport collected

The VO told her that she would get her passport back in a week with her visa. It's been almost 3 weeks and still no word from VFS about the visa.

I've already delayed my return once and will now in all probability leave before she gets her visa..

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@ Sonic_visa

I am in same boat.

You got your passport back ? when ?

Please update.

Originally posted by sonic_visa:

12 weeks? That is a lot of time.

Is there a way to know the status of my case? The case number that officer has written is also of incorrect format.

Do not know what to do....

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