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I do not have a last name on my passport. Given name includes 3 names XYZ. When , I was issued a F1 visa initially the US embassy had the last name picked from my given name in this case it was Z as last name on visa and XY as first names. I do not remember how I filled the DS 160 back then, but was told that last name is must for US embassy to issue a visa and that was how Z was picked as last name.


After landing in US all my records indicate Z as last name and XY as given and middle name. I am trying to complete a DS 160 form and it would not allow me to save with out last name (as I do not have one on my passport). Could some one help if I could use Z as my last name and XY as given names and explain the VO that I was insructed to use the same when my visa was first issued.


Any suggestion would be much appreciated.





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