H1 B Visa Renewal and Amendment


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I'm currently working in USA on H1 B visa. My H1 B visa is expiring at the end of this month. I'm planning to visit India at the end of this year. Could you please advise on whether I should get my stamping in India (Hyderabad) or can I get it stamped by visiting a consulate in Canada or Mexico. I got my first stamping in Chennai back in 2008 when I transferred from F1 to H1. Currently I have an approved H1 petition until November, 2014.

Me second question is about filing an Amendment - I work from Home and I recently moved from Michigan to New Hampshire. Should I apply for an H1B Amendment for change in work location? My employer and client are still the same. My work location on my H1B approval is my previous address in Michigan. My employer filed a new LCA when I moved from Michigan to New Hampshire. Do I still need to ask my employer to file an H1B Amendment.

Appreciate your help on this.



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